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"Reliable source for fine old vintage European instruments, shipping worldwide"
 "Beautiful vintage fine violins and bows for sale"
Based in France, we specialize in original fine instruments from the 19th and 20th centuries, mainly made by well-known "luthiers" and famous Italian or French workshop masters.
- as a main criteria we only sell violins and cellos that are in a pristine original playing condition, no open wood cracks whatsoever; however old violins inevitably exhibit slight charm of use and age, little dings, superficial scratches or varnish rubbings and sometimes old repairs that we are trying to illustrate with detailed pictures;
- bows are closely inspected as well; none of them have any open cracks neither on the stick nor on the head; most bows are restored and can be enjoyably played right away; frogs/buttons may not be original to the stick and may show traces of use and wear;
- each item is pictured in a 300 dpi high-definition format, with natural sunlight (no camera flash);
- when buying from us you are fully protected by our immediate return policy that you can read here
 Last inventory update: MAY 27th, 2016
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